• 2022

QURUM is a cranial shape correction helmet that looks like a mesh knitted hat, designed in response to the strong desire of mothers to not feel as if their kids have a disease.It was developed under the supervision of doctors and specialists, in order to achieve a product completely efficient and safe with a design that blends into everyday life, making a clear distinction from conventional medical devices. An important aspect of the design process was to make it look more like a normal hat and this was achieved thanks to its slightly pronounced visor. Its mesh structure, which resembles knitwear, not only gives both strength and lightness, but also guarantees great breathability to enhance the comfort of the kids that will wear it. The helmet also features an internal cushion in special foam that can be easily detached and washed. QURUM is tailor-made in Japan with cutting-edge 3D print technology, shaped from precise data of the cranial deformation of each patient. As the helmet is split in two parts, the size can be adjusted according to the child's growth.
QURUM was highly evaluated in the Good Design Award 2022 for its design that perfectly blends daily aesthetics with medical efficiency during the treatment.

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