Photo credits: Tetsuya Yamakawa


  • 2023
  • Glassware

BINKOP was born from the desire of designing a drinking glass that could be manufactured like a jar, to achieve a well designed and robust product to be used for many years, yet easily recyclable when disposed of. It can be used as everyday glass either at home or in restaurants and cafes, as it is suitable to drink water or soft drinks, but also for spirits or hot drinks such as coffee, etc. As a result of a long design process, it combines aesthetics, ease of use and stackability, reflecting the Mingei philosophy of beauty in everyday objects, with a contemporary vision. Instead of hiding its manufacturing process, it enhances these details to achieve uniqueness and functionality, presenting an industrial yet soft appearance. The top part not only feels pleasant to the mouth while drinking, but it is also functional to be manufactured in the same way as a jar. It looks modern and classic at the same time, becoming the perfect new addition to the long life glass products lineup of Okawa Glass.

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