• PLUS
  • 2023
  • Chair
  • Office chair

The name of RENA comes from the first syllables of the words Refined Nature, since its design process went through several steps in order to achieve the essence of ergonomics, shape, functionality and aesthetics. Every detail of the backrest was carefully thought of, aiming at the best balance between structural strength and lightness, including the holes pattern and the rim, which not only improve the visual perception but also deliver exceptional comfort. Thanks to its pure essence and the multiple variations of finishes and colours inspired by nature, it is ideal for any work space, either public or home, especially when paired with wooden furniture. The design considers the surrounding spaces the chair will be fitted in, as well as its users, since it adapts to the body for the best seating experience. RENA is also kind to the environment, with textile options made using plant-derived raw materials.

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